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Let your plan of action be written:
Tips for writing a plan of action for amazon & where to request professional help

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TIP 1: On facebook you will find useful tips for writing your action plan:

TIP 2: I will be happy to advise and support you, right up to writing your plan of action for amazon (PoA).
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Amazon needs to keep its platform secure and trustworthy for customers. In addition, there are a lot of legal requirements and laws that ensure. For example, liability for some offenses by traders are transferred to amazon if the company has not done enough to prevent these errors or to protect its customers from the effects of the error. For this reason, Amazon, like every other marketplace, has very high requirements for compliance with all kinds of guidelines. In case of doubt, the guidelines are interpreted too strictly rather than too laxly or in the case of reported violations, regardless of whether the violation actually exists or not, merchant accounts are rashly blocked as a precaution. It can happen that even properly managed Amazon accounts are occasionally blocked or that blockages are “threatened”. In these cases, the dealers have to draw up a plan of action and submit it to amazon in order to release the affected account again.

What should you do if you need to have an Amazon action plan written? What should be considered and what are the biggest pitfalls?

That’s what this post is about.

✅ First of all: The most important and most efficient thing is to observe all relevant key figures (order-defect rate policy violations, shipping quotas, etc.) daily and carefully. It is advisable to work with good tools and efficient processes in order to be informed about developments and trends on a daily basis. If you always have your key figures under control, you significantly reduce your risk of having to submit an action plan at some point.
Feel free to contact me if you need help with the analysis or observation or if your key figures develop negatively. I would be happy to provide you with my Excel tool free of charge, with which I monitor the ODR and project the future ODR in order to be informed about all eventualities very early on.

1) 📨 Read the performance notifications carefully. They contain important information.

Amazon will inform you of the reason for the block in a performance notification. You should read this notification several times and very carefully. All information contained there must be recorded. Your action plan must explicitly refer to each point raised.

2) 🔍 Analyze the root cause of the problem and accept that it is your responsibility.

If you have to write a plan of action, there is a reason. A person or an algorithm recognized problems. Accept this fact and try not to shift responsibility for it from yourself. Only if you make it clear in the action plan that you have recognized the problem and accept your responsibility for it, the plan will be accepted by amazon.

3) 🧠Figure out how to fix the problem and REALLY implement a process that will make sure the problem doesn’t happen again in the future.

Problems and errors are always an opportunity to optimize your own processes. Amazon expects you to understand and take advantage of this opportunity. It is essential that you really think about how you can eliminate the acute problems immediately (have negative reviews deleted, carry out open reimbursements, completely eliminate violations of guidelines, etc.). It is just as important that you subsequently define and implement a stable process with which you ensure that the problems no longer occur in the future.

4) 🧾 Write your plan of action for amazon in a structured, understandable way in easy sentences and in the language of the country concerned or in English.

Your plan of action has to be convincing. The point is not to formulate it in a legally clean and claused manner. The point is to make sure that the person reading your action plan understands it clearly and without any room for interpretation. Therefore, choose clear language to formulate your plan of action. Write simple and clear sentences. In particular, you should write the action plan in the language of the country to which your ban applies. If you don’t have a good enough command of this language, choose English. But here, too, make absolutely sure that your plan is formulated cleanly and without errors.

5) 💪ℹ️⚡️⛓📈Take the chance

Understand that you have no legal right to sell on amazon. Whether you will be activated again and when this happens is entirely at the discretion of the amazon employee. Action plans are often under review for several days or even weeks before you receive feedback. Therefore, do not naively lose the chance of submitting plan of action. It is better to seek other opinions, to seek advice and help than to risk serious long-term economic damage through the prolonged or permanent loss of the right to sell by submitting sub-optimal action plans.

Do you have to write a plan of action for amazon? Has your plan of action been rejected or do you need help preventing an account from being blocked?

I would be happy to help you maintain or regain your right to sell on amazon.

I regularly write action plans and I know exactly what is important. Through the targeted and efficient processing of problems that occurred, I was able to avert account locks in many cases and thus protected the affected retailers from serious economic damage. If you are potentially or acutely threatened with an account ban, please contact me, I will support you with advice and action. You can also have me write the entire Amazon action plan for you. I look forward to hearing from you.

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I’ll help you write your plan of action

I offer you several packages, from advice on creating your plan, to ghostwriting of action plans for amazon, to the all-inclusive package.



45 minutes of analysis, advice & tips

I will analyze the situation together with you, give you specific tips and hints on how to approach the problems in the way amazon wants and what your action plan should look like.

Billing down to the minute for follow-up questions and additional advice

If you need advice on the same problem immediately or at a later time, this advice is inexpensive at € 2 per minute.

The bronze program is suitable for you at …

– „early appeals“ vor der Verkaufssperre.
-„early appeals“ before the sales ban.
Action plans because of blocked ASINs without withdrawal of the right to sell.
Problems that occurred for the first time that led to a sales ban.



Ghostwriting your plan of action for Amazon

After a thorough analysis of your situation, the problem, its causes and after the problems have been resolved by you with my advisory support, I will write your action plan.

Credit for the bronze program

If you have already booked the bronze program before, but would prefer to have the action plan written by me personally, the price of the silver program will be reduced by € 89.

The silver program is suitable for you at …

– Users of the bronze program whose own action plan has been rejected.
– High-volume accounts who want to make sure a professional action plan is submitted from the start.



Full service for complex cases

I will analyze the problem together with you. I advise you on problem solving and on implementing long-term stable processes that ensure that the problem never occurs again.
In the following I will write your action plan.

3 correction loops included

If the action plan is rejected, we repeat all steps from the analysis to the implementation of the solutions and submission of the action plan.

The gold program is suitable for you at …

– complex cases in which serious problems have arisen.
– difficult cases in which the account was blocked repeatedly due to similar problems.

Direct return of your investment through quick activation and rapid resumption of your sales and profits

With my direct and efficient help, your account will be reactivated as quickly as possible and long-term economic damage averted. The costs for each of the programs offered will be reimbursed directly through the quick activation of your account. Note tip 5 above in the post.

Kind regards,


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